The new Palantir Bot

The Palantir Discord Bot has been completely revamped.

Here, you can find some help to guide you through the changes.

Click [here] to invite the bot to your server.

Slash Commands

Every single command is now available as slash command!
It is strongly recommended to use slash commands, because it makes it much more easier for you to find the right command and options for it.

To use a slash command, start typing with a / in a discord server.
You will see a popup above the chat, where you can find commands of all bots on the server.
You can either click the profile picture of the Palantir Bot to browse and select one of its commands, or you can continue typing the command name.
After you have selected the command, you need to fill in options - like a sprite ID or a user mention.
Discord will guide you through it! When you have filled everything in, hit enter to send the command.

If you prefer text commands, you can use the > prefix as well, like in the old palantir.
For text commands, there are also command name shortcuts available - you can find them in the help command.

New Command Names

Almost all commands have been reorganized and received new names.
Commands are now grouped together, to make it easier to use and remember similar commands, like for buying, viewing, and using scenes & sprites.

These are the most important command groups:
  • sprite - View, buy and use sprites
  • scene - View, buy and use scenes
  • event - View your current event stats or browse past events
  • boost - View and manage splits and dropboosts
  • award - View award stats and the award gallery
  • outfit - Access saved sprite/scene/rainbow-combinations

Each command group has commands in it.
For example, to view all sprites ("list" command in the sprite group), you have to write /sprite list.

The Help Command

The new Palantir offers much more help than the "good" old bot.
To see a list of all commands and groups, use the command /help.

You can get more information about the commands and groups when you specify the command or group name in the help command, here are some examples:
  • /help inventory - View help for the "inventory" command
  • /help sprite - View help for the "sprite" command group
  • /help sprite use - View help for the "use" command in the "sprite" group.

You can also use the find command to quickly search matching commands - like /find use.

Sprite & Scene Commands

Sprites and scenes are probably the most important thing in Palantir. This is a short summary of the commands.

Sprite command examples:
  • View a list of popular sprites: /sprite list
  • View a sprite with ID 1: /sprite view 1
  • Buy a sprite with ID 1: /sprite buy 1
  • Use a sprite with ID 1: /sprite use 1
  • View your sprite inventory: /sprite inventory
  • Colorize a sprite with ID 1 with the rainbow color 50: /sprite color 1 50

Scene command examples:
  • View a list of popular scenes: /scene list
  • View a scene with ID 1: /scene view 1
  • Buy a scene with ID 1: /scene buy 1
  • Use a scene with ID 1: /scene use 1
  • View your scene inventory: /scene inventory

Drop Boosts

Drop boosts were a bit reorganized as well.
The most important thing is that every user has now two more splits available for boosts.
These two splits are used for the +0.1 standard boost. Don't forget to use them!
You can also start multiple drop boosts at the same time, or upgrade a drop boost that is currently running or cooling down, if you get more splits afterwards.

Here are some examples:
  • View your splits inventory: /boost inventory
  • Start a new dropboost: /boost start
  • View your active or cooling-down boosts: /boost cooldown
  • Extend/upgrade an active boost with ID 1 (found in the cooldown list): /boost upgrade 1

More command examples

  • View your inventory: /inventory
  • View your award gallery: /award gallery
  • View your available awards or open an award pack: /award inventory
  • View the league summary: /league season
  • View complete league leaderboard: /league board
  • View your league stats: /league rank
  • Change your patron emoji to 💧: /patron emoji 💧
  • Patronize your friend: /patron gift @friend
  • View the server leaderboard for bubbles: /leaderboard bubbles
  • View your card: /card
  • View your saved outfits: /outfit list
  • Activate an outfit named "drip": /outfit use drip

To get more information & help, join the Typo Discord server.

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