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Interface Improvements

  • Skribbl Themes - create your own skribbl theme or use community themes
  • Fullscreen mode with focus on important things
  • Up/Down keys to get the last chat input
  • Highlight your messages in the chat
  • Use custom emojis like in Discord with :emoji-name:
  • Use kick-- like-- shame-- to quickly kick, like or dislike from the chat
  • Click CTRL in the chatbox to open a quick reaction menu for the arrow keys
  • Click [TAB] to auto-focus the chat input
  • Select chat content to copy it formatted for Discord
  • Buttons to skip or exit lobbies
  • Open user profiles via their chat message


  • A practise free-draw mode with unlimited time (click the avatar on the start page)
  • Random Color brush to switch colors automatically (Click the dice in the color field)
  • Bigger custom color palette (only extension users see those)
  • Draw straight lines by holding [SHIFT] while you draw. Double-press [SHIFT] to snap them on the axis.
  • Zoom the Canvas: [CTRL + Click] where you want to zoom.
    Set the level by clicking any number key and leave with [CTRL + Click].

Game Challenges

  • Blind guess - Hide the canvas
  • Deaf guess - you don't see the chat
  • One shot - you have only one try to guess the word
  • Don't Clear - you draw over the previous drawing
  • Monochrome - you have only a set of colors available

Lobby Search

  • The most advanced skribbl search engine
  • No annoying skribbl reload when searching
  • Search for one or more player names
  • Buttons to quickly exit / skip current lobby
  • See skipped players
  • Skip empty lobbies

Image Magic

  • Download image as PNG
  • Save drawing process animation as GIF
  • Share images with one click on your Discord servers
  • Copy and save drawings to be automatically re-drawn (ImageTools)
  • If you have connected palantir, every drawing is automatically saved in the Cloud Gallery
  • Paste PNGs on the practice canvas

Brush Laboratory

  • Draw with rainbow colors depending on pen pressure
  • Draw with color brightnesses depending on pen pressure
  • Draw rainbow lines with the mouse
  • Draw mandala-like images with the mirroring tool
  • Draw fancy shapes with the sculpt mode
  • Draw dashes with the dash mode
  • Create pen-tilt effect

Palantir Discord Bot

  • Send your lobby to your favourite discord servers
  • See who of your friends is playing and search automatically for them
  • Collect Bubbles and unlock sprites to upgrade your avatar
  • Prove quick reaction time and collect drops for extra bubbles
  • Participate at events to unlock seasonal sprites

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