Palantir Features

Palantir is a Discord Bot that connects Skribbl to Discord.

With Palantir, you can collect items, connect with friends and compete for rewards.

Connect Typo with Palantir

  • On skribbl, you just have to click the "Log In" button to create an account or log in.
  • Click the image below to see a tutorial how to connect Palantir.
  • To add the bot to your discord server, go to "Admin" to set the bot up.

How it works

  • You can connect to servers that have palantir - by default, you are connected to the typo discord..
  • Typo sends Palantir when you're online in skribbl and displays it in a discord message.
  • The message shows your lobby, language, points and more.
  • On skribbl, your friends can now join you with just one click.

Upgrade your avatar & match with your friends

  • Using Palantir, you are rewarded "Bubbles" (Palantir's currency) every 10s.
  • With those Bubbles, you can buy Sprites which display on your skribbl avatar.
  • To get extra Bubbles and get more perks, click Drops on the skribbl canvas.
  • Once in a while, there are Sprite events for exclusive items.

To get more information & help, join the Typo Discord server.

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