Data Privacy Statement

How Palantir & Typo use and collect data


Typo and Palantir ONLY collect data if you create a Palantir account and connect it to the Typo extension.
When you create a account by messaging the bot >login , you accept to this data privacy statement.
The only purpose of the collected data is to make the Palantir features work and create a personal skribbl image gallery (Typo cloud).
Your data is stored on a private server and is ONLY accessible to you and the Typo developer, tobeh.
Your data will not be shared with anyone else.

Every data exchange between the Typo extension and the Palantir server is encrypted with SSL or WSS. To request your data / get support about Typo, data privacy or anything related join the Typo Discord server.

Of all following listed data, your Discord ID and username is the only individual-related data.
Sensitive data (eg. user generated content) is marked like this.

Data collected by the Palantir Discord Bot

As soon as you create a Palantir account, following data is immediately saved:
  • Your Discord ID to identify you on Discord
  • Your new login number
  • Your current Discord username

As soon as the Palantir bot is initialized by an admin, the server's properties are saved:
  • The server's name
  • The server's ID
  • The Palantir message and channel ID
  • The new server token
  • As soon as added, a webhook ID and name

By connecting the bot to typo and start collecting bubbles and buying sprites, following data is collected:
  • Your bubbles (daily count for statistics)
  • Your bought sprites, scenes and all customizations (colors, profiles)
  • Your caught drops

By subscribing on patreon, being banned or gaining extra permissions, following data is additionally saved:
  • Your flags (permissions)
  • Your patron emoji
  • Your patronized member ID

Data collected by the Typo browser extension

ONLY if you have connected your Palantir account to the Typo extension, following data is collected.
If you add a server by its server token, data is added to your account:
  • The server's properties as above listed

If you enable the Discord bot status, following data is stored temporary to display your lobby:
  • The lobby's properties: Player names, scores, current drawer, ranking, language, link, mode and description
  • Your current status (searching, waiting, playing)
  • A random session ID
  • Your login name

If you catch a drop:
  • The drop ID along with your login is saved to detect suspicious drop catcher bot actions

Every drawing during a game is saved to the Typo gallery cloud:
  • The drawing (as base64 data url)
  • The drawing's drawing progress (commands to re-draw it)
  • Meta: the drawers name, date, if you were the drawer and if the drawing was made in a public lobby

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Data Privacy Statement