Server Admin Stuff

.. or: How to set up the Palantir Bot in your server

Invite & set up the bot

  • You can use Palantir always on the Typo Discord. For privacy reasons, you can also set it up on your own server.
  • Click the image below to see a complete walkthrough.
  • Grant all permissions to ensure proper functionality.
    If something looks broken... consider setting the given perms.
  • The bot will create a message and edit it continuously, so the channel should be read-only for members.
  • Initialize the bot with the command '>observe #channel'.
  • Use @Palantir instead > due to recent changes.
  • Click here to invite Palantir to your server.


  • The Bot does not respond
    Sadly, Palantir can't be used with the '>' prefix anymore.
    Instead, message like '@Palantir help'.

  • Which commands can i use?
    Get available commands with 'help'.
    Only commands which can be executed by the author are shown.
    Every command to change bot settings requires the administrator role permission.

  • What is the server token?
    The server token is a unique key which lets users see and send lobbies to this server.
    This ensures that the lobbies are only visible to users in the server.
    If the token is changed, users need to enter the new token to be verified again.

  • How to change the channel?
    The channel can always be set with the command 'observe'.
    If existing, the current bot message will be left as it is and a new one will be created.
    By default, the server token will change.
    If you want to keep the token as it is, call the command 'switch #channel'. The command message and bot response with the token can be deleted.

  • The bot does not edit the message.
    Try to set the channel again.
    If this does not help, contact me on DC @tobeh#7437.

  • How can my friends connect to my server?
    The bot shows an invite link in the lobby message.
    Your friends can use it to connect to the server.

All general questions should be answered in the troubleshoot.
If you're still stuck, join the Typo Discord server to get help.
The bot also has a lot of customization commands available, have a look at the '>help' command.

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